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       Hired as a new scare actor at a struggling haunted attraction, it is your job to keep the heart rates high and the screams plentiful. Waste no time orchestrating the symphony of terror as you take on roles of various horror tropes and stalk the sets of multiple haunted houses in the pursuit of fear. Rev up the chainsaws, find the perfect hiding spots, and stick to the shadows to bring life to the newest horror wonderland. Jump scares are your weapons, shadows are your cover. All that is left to do is to put on your mask and find the perfect guest to spook!

  • This project is currently in development and at the Alpha stage. Ghastly Studios was formed at the University of Central Florida during two capstone game development courses spanning the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Please connect with us and follow for future updates!

Kaylie White - Producer, Senior Environmental Artist

Jhon Vergara - Lead Gameplay Programmer

Connor Ramputi - Lead Artist 

Luke Fender - Lead Level Designer

Rox Follett - Artist, Lead Story Developer

Alana Brunson - UI/2D artist

Cameron Brito - 2D Artist 

Declan Ford - Researcher, Level Designer 

Dominic Lincourt - UI/UX Programmer 

Gabriel Vazquez - Level Designer

Nicholas Hennessy - 2D Artist 

Richard Derkman - Programmer 

Samantha Sander - 2D Artist

Tiana George - 2D Artist

Install instructions

1. Download and extract the zip file.
2. Read the README file for controls.
3. Launch the .exe application to play.


Hysteria.zip 133 MB


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I really enjoyed this, a nice bit of wholesome, public scaring, fun!!

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good work for restyling this game ... i have old version ;D now pro :D